Innovative Laboratories

Innovative Laboratories


Language Lab :

  • Digital Language Lab with comprehensive and customized audio and multimedia lessons.
  • Building articulation, oratory and presentation skills of English language in the students.
  • Aims at enhancing student communication skills.

Robotics Lab :

  • Unique opportunity to the students to learn the advanced technical creativity by exploring and experimenting.
  • Specially designed Robotics hands on exercised from junior to senior level.
  • Learning on CS-STEM based concepts through the hands on methodology and intervention of Robotics.
  • Designing, constructing projects and running the Robots.
  • Developing team working, creativity, concentration, creative problem solving and programming skills amongst children in a logical and systematical manner.

Mathematics lab :

  • Modern Digital Mathematics Lab with applications, videos, manipulative and measuring instruments, tables, charts for verifying and visualizing mathematical concepts in a “fun” way.
  • Abacus and Vedic Mathematics classes enabling students to achieve a high standard of mental arithmetic and developing strong foundation.

Digital Library :

  • Comprehensive digital library with more than 18000 books online in addition to the traditional school library.
  • Developing an interest towards reading and exploring through the amazing world of books.