Other activities

Other activities


Beyond Education : 
We give our children roots to grow and wings to fly.

We cultivate and develop the aesthetic sense of the students and channelize their youthful energy into creativity and self actualization. We enable the impressionable minds to take up extensive reading habits and healthy recreational activities for a lifetime of creative and healthy mindset. 
To ensure overall development of the students, various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are conducted on regular basis including Music, Arts & craft activities, Drawing & Painting, Theatre, Digital Photography, Public speaking, yoga and meditation activities.

Connecting to Roots : 
Children must be taught HOW TO THINK not WHAT to THINK

  • Connecting students to the roots of our rich culture.
  • Imbibing our Great Value system in the budding minds.
  • Developing Rational Thought process through variety of activities.
  • Building a respect towards all and specially for women.
  • Inculcate Trust and Integrity.

Holistic Peronsality Developement : 
I never lose.. either I WIN or I LEARN..

  • Communication Skills:Preparing effective Orators and confident presenters.
  • Life Skills: Leading a meaningful and balanced life.
  • Specially designed life skills programs through various activities and sessions.
  • Sports: To develop team spirit and ensure physical development of the students, the school provides extensive sports facilities including Skating, Football, Basket ball, Squash, Lawn Tennis, Table-Tennis, Swimming, Cricket, Badminton, Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Volleyball etc.

Prepare them for the Future : 
Career Information and Guidance:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of one’s qualities, values, skills and strengths.
  • Create understanding of the relationship between capabilities, skills and career planning.
  • Groom and directionalise inherent interests and talents towards career building.
  • Develop skills in locating, understanding and using career information.
  • Learn about the fields of work and entry requirements for jobs of interest.
  • Develop understanding of education and training options and the workplace through school and community sources and experiences.