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Once an eminent English essayist Franchis Bacon stated that "Youth is like an untrained horse". No doubt they have enormous energy and unpolished capabilities and that need constant training and guidance. Now a days the youth is very impulsive, impatient, loud and very angry. Whom to be blamed? Internet exposure or negligence of parent’s attention or some-what lack of channels to guide them. We as a parent and teachers hold the responsibility to guide and hold their hands to show or to teach them the right way. Apart from academics school plays a role to make a student not only literate or educated but also inculcate self-discipline, confidence, proper disposition and power of right decision making. Apart from all these we have to make them a good human being. It can be achieved by time to time interactive sessions, counselling and even involving them in social works. Parents should spend time with their children. In school, a set of rules and regulations should be implied to develop self-discipline and with that sensitize the students by discussing the current international, national and social issues. A good human being with values, knowledge and wisdom makes a strong nation. And the youth is the future of this country.