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Sardar School Campus, Sardarpura, Jodhpur (Raj.)

Our Objective

Our Objective

  • 1) To develop cognitive, intellectual and life skills in the students.
  • 2) To ensure social, emotional, physical and overall dynamic personality development of the students.
  • 3) To broaden the mental horizon of students and assist them in streamlining their creativity.
  • 4) To groom and directionalise the inherent interests and talents towards career building.
  • 5) To develop life skills for leading a balanced, meaningful and contented life.
  • 6) To imbibe Indian values and connect the students to the roots of Indian cultural in equilibrium with modern world practices.
  • 7) To provide an exposure to the spectrum of available career choices and professional courses and thus enabling the student to opt for the most suitable higher studies domain.
  • 8) To prepare the students as the responsible citizens of India by instituting values of integrity and honesty.
  • 9) To inculcate the spirit of enquiry and scientific temper in students.
  • 10) To develop the leadership qualities in the students and prepare them for inclusive growth.