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Sardar School Campus, Sardarpura, Jodhpur (Raj.)

Path To Success

Path To Success

The school has introduced an award system for all the students. We believe that, for our pupils to acquire the correct skills and attitudes to become responsible members of society, their development needs to be nurtured in a happy, structured, safe, calm and caring environment. We believe that one of the ways we can nurture the students and shape their personalities is through a structured award system after careful observation and research, categories of the awards were listed. The teachers announce these awards at the end of each month and place them on the bulletin boards of their classes where the students names are proudly displayed. At the start of the academic year, the students are oriented about these award categorises and motivated to achieve these. Through these awards the students are encouraged to be polite, co-operative, prompt and prepared for work. Through this system, every student is encouraged to achieve his/her potential and do better with each passing day. The following award categories are in place:- 1. Star of the month – A child who has performed well overall. 2. Sweet Kid Award – A child who is nice to everyone. 3. Good Samaritan Award – A child who has been very helpful to the teachers or the peers. 4. Shower of praise award – The thing a child has done which has been exceptional. 5. Sunshine kid Award – A child who is always bright, cheerful and happy. 6. Leadership Award – A good motivator and enjoys empowering others to achieve goals. 7. Hang in there, you're doing better. 8. High academic performance. These awards encourage them to develop various aspects of their personalities like leadership, decision making, being proactive with work, taking responsibilities and interpersonal skills. We look forward to the valuable support of the parents in motivating the children to aspire to achieve these awards.